Silva/Sonnen II

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I’m not sure why, but to see the .gif in motion click on the photo. Somehow I got it to work for the Silva/Griffin .gif but this one is giving me issues.

Silva vs. Griffin .gif

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Sub-Zero MMA

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UFC 148 Comic Strip

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Shogun Fights

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If you live in Maryland come check out Shogun Fights VI happening on Saturday April, 14t 2012 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD. Shogun Fights is the premiere MMA promoter in the states of Maryland for local, quality talent to showcase their talents at.

The card for the event is as follows:

Josh Pearson vs Keyon Wilkins (?)
JC Cuffee vs Jeremy Carper (Lightweight Bout)
Nathanial Grebb vs Billy Miller (Lightweight Bout)
Umaer Haq vs Marshall Thompson, Jr. (Bantamweight Bout)
Timothy Woods vs Manny Okorie (?)
Dan Root vs Jeremy Boardwine (Welterweight Bout)
Michael Hess vs Steven Baker (Featherweight Bout)
Ryan Mackin vs David Perez (Featherweight Bout)
Vaja Iormaghvili vs Cole Presley (Lightweight Bout)
Gustavo Kiesler vs Philip Johns, Jr. (Bantamweight Bout)
Bryan Lane vs Micah Terrill (Welterweight Bout)

Venue Info:

1st Mariner Arena

201 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Ticket Info:

Shogun Fights VI Tickets

Official Event Page:

Shogun Fights VI Fight Card

Random bits of randomness…

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So this is my first journey into the wild known as blogging. I must admit that I was a bit nervous I suppose at first for a few reasons. Namely that I am not a English major so there will be errors here and there also that I’ve never done this before so how am I supposed to know I’m doing any good at it?

I guess time will tell if this effort I’m putting out is worth it. I certainly hope so. I’m not a tech geek and I will have to rely on the help of my friends who are more web savvy then I am. I’m jumping into the deep end of the pool here getting my own domain name for another site I’m slowly but surely working up that I hope to have up in about a months time.

Speaking of my other site, I am a HUGE fan of the UFC and I intend it on being a MMA blog obviously. My goal in the beginning will be modest (just getting it up and running) then I’d like to gradually add my own content to the site. I also plan on posting the links and videos from other sites around the web based on MMA or the UFC in particular. It’s under heavy construction, but here is the The MMA Source.

I have almost no clue what I’m doing here, but isn’t that sometimes the exciting part of life? Isn’t it the thing that drives us to completing a goal? I think so. I have no clue if my blog or MMA blog will be a success or not, but I will give it my all.

Adapt and overcome.